The Faces of Restorative Justice

Lakes Area Restorative Justice Project is a community-directed, volunteer driven non profit service organization whose mission is "to foster a strong healthy community through restorative practices."

Our Services Include:

Restorative Group Conferencing gives the youth who are facing the court system an alternative diversion process that allows them to repair the harm caused and gives the victims a voice in how that harm will be repaired.

Circles in the Schools addresses behavior issues such as truancy, and respect/bulling. Students meet in circles with trained Circle Keepers to talk about the issues that result in bad behavior.

LARJP serves the youth and community of Crow Wing County and surrounding areas.

The Restorative Group Conferencing process at LARJP

  • Holds youth accountable for the harm they caused to the victims, their families, and the community. When these teens complete the program successfully, they will have learned a valuable life lesson.
  • Give you, the victim and the community an opportunity to get the answers you need when you are the target of a crime.
  • Invite participants to be part of the healing process, where the group determines the restitution for the poor choice that was made by the youth(s).
  • Inform the referring organization and the victim(s) when the agreed upon restitution has been completed, bringing closure to the case, and allowing the youth to accept accountability for their actions

Circles in Schools helps build a restorative foundation.

By addressing bad behavior in a circle group, students learn to identify issues that may be preventing them from performing at the best of their ability. Circles improves attendance and academic growth.



Why Restorative Justice? A Testimonial from a participant.

“I would like to thank the volunteers and staff at the Lakes Area Restorative Justice Project. Almost four years ago your program helped me and some friends after we got in trouble with the Breezy Point police department. It was a wonderful and profound experience that sparked an interest in the law, and now I’m a law student going to school in the Twin Cities. I’d love to get into contact with the LARJP volunteers who worked with my case. It would be nice if I could thank them for their work and let them know that their efforts had a positive impact.”

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