About Lakes Area Restorative Justice Program

Lakes Area Restorative Justice Project (LARJP), established in 2004, is a community-directed, operated, and supported non-profit organization. Founded by Roger Lynn, a retired Minister, and Stephanie Haider, a retired probation officer, LARJP employs Restorative Practices as an alternative to the traditional juvenile court system. Roger Lynn has retired from the program and Stephanie Haider continues to serve as consultant and trainer for LARJP. 

Here are some key points about LARJP: 

  1. Experience: LARJP boasts a combined history of over 70 years of experience in restorative practices. The success of our program is directly attributed to our qualified staff and dedicated volunteers. 
  1. Service Area: LARJP is the sole Restorative Justice Program in Crow Wing County and serves the surrounding counties. 
  1. Core Program: Restorative Group Conferencing (RGC): 
  • RGC provides a forum where participants, their families, impacted parties, and their supporters can meet in a safe and respectful environment. 
  • The process allows impacted parties to express their feelings about the effect of harmful behavior and seek answers to their questions. 
  • Participants gain insight into the true impact of their actions. 
  • Accountability is fostered through a contract jointly designed by participants and impacted parties, outlining how harm will be repaired. 

LARJP receives case referrals from the County Attorney’s office, surrounding Police Departments, and local schools in Crow Wing County. On average, our program handles 70-80 cases per year. We are committed to promoting healing, understanding, and responsibility within our community. 

Established in
By the collective efforts of Roger Lynn, and Stephanie Haider
“I think this process is more personal and gives both parties a chance to express their views face to face”